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Books Appreciation #3: More TVD books, Strange fate and sequels to DV & TFG? Bring it on!

Welcome to the 3rd Lisa Jane Smith Appreciation thread.

1. Stay to the Lights
2. HappySquared
3. PJ_Believer
3. bellagrey13
4. foxyfreds
5. akellov537
6. jules!
7. 1beaut

Companion Novels

* The Night of the Solstice
* Heart of Valor


* Night World
o Secret Vampire
o Daughters of Darkness
o Spellbinder
o Dark Angel
o The Chosen
o Soulmate
o Huntress
o Black Dawn
o Witchlight
o Strange Fate (2010)

* The Vampire Diaries
o The Awakening
o The Struggle
o The Fury
o Dark Reunion
o The Return: Nightfall
o The Return: Shadow Souls
o The Return: Midnight (March 16th 2011)


* The Secret Circle
o The Initiation
o The Captive
o The Power

* The Forbidden Game
o The Hunter
o The Chase
o The Kill

* Dark Visions
o The Strange Power
o The Possessed
o The Passion

Short Stories

* Blood Will Tell
* Thicker Than Water
* Brionwy's Lullaby
* Ash & Mary-Lynnette: Those Who Favor Fire
* Jez and Morgead's Night Out
* Matt & Elena: First Date
* Bonnie & Damon: After Hours

Winter Blog Blast Tour: L. J. Smith The YA YA YAs

L. J. Smith - Online Radio Interview with the Author
By The Book Reviews Blog Archive INTERVIEW: Author L.J. Smith
An interview with L.J. Smith | Bookalicious

A Chat with L.J. Smith!

- LJ Smith Official Website
- L. J. Smith (author) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
- Night World: THE Place for L. J. Smith Fans

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