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Kara (can I call you that?), I haven't known you that long, but what I have seen during the time I've been here, you have been a good mod and welcomed me here along the rest of the board. It's sad to see you leave your position as a mod but I'm glad you'll still be here.

Hmm, I wonder if I should apply. I've already considered it a couple of times in the past on different boards but never really got to do it. It sure would be cool to be the mod of Hayden board.

Originally Posted by master yoda167
I'd been a poster for a year or two when I became mod, but Kara had only been posting for a month, so it really varies...
This does give me hope. I have posted on this board for about a month now but during that month my post count has gone up about 300. I don't think I've ever been this active before, well maybe in the early days.
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