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Just for the record, & I'm not commenting on the status of their relationship/friendship because it's no ones business but theirs - which is the way they both see & want it. It's all private lives private which I really wish people would learn to respect, & that's not a dig at any one before someone jumps down my throat, that's my opinion on all so called celeb private lives, I really don't understand why anyone gives a crap about the private lives of people they don't know.

But in his defence, and I will always defend him because thats just how it is. The dumbass quotes the media are throwing around at the moment can be totally disregarded. They're all taken from an interview he did here last summer which has only just gone to print, if the wretched dogs that are writing these stories actually bothered to read more than one question of an interview they'd know that.

I've said before and I'll say it again, they're both happy & that's all that matters to us, it's all that should matter to anyone else as well x