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Did find these reviews
Kalinda, who has received information from Cary (loving their friendly relationship, by the way) that Blake was involved with a gang of meth dealers in DC, is clearly worried for her former flame.

The audience automatically cares about her, because it’s clear that Kalinda (who we haven’t known to care much about anyone except Alicia and possibly Cary) cares about her.

The Good Wife Recap: Poisoned Pill | CultureMob
Even they think Kalinda cares about Cary
they don't like Blake though LOL

EW review: 'The Good Wife' review: Michael J. Fox gave a cleverly distracting performance |

Though it has nothing special on Cary

That seemed pretty fake to me, but maybe that was just me
I wasn't sure.. or it was a wave to someone he liked or it was a wave of 'I see you'

also found this

•No Peter this week but Cary's appearances were wonderful as they relied entirely on his banter with Kalinda, whom he's always had great chemistry with. He exalts at her about fighting to keep a drug dealer off the streets, and she deadpans, "I can feel the moral gravity pulling me in."
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