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Grace at a Wendy rally? OMG...that's awesome!
I loved that too!! LOL
Kind of makes sense, not every kid of a politician is always supporting ALL ideas of their dad.. In this case Grace doesn't

Wendy got a boob job? So? I LOVE the things that matter in politics.
So true.. but even more funny how it backfired in the end

Cary and Kalinda! Squee! Kalinda went to HIM FOR HELP with Blake because her usual sources have dried up. Hmmmmm.... OMG...Cary's looking good all relaxed with his feet up. I think he's getting a little annoyed with the SA's office. It seems to be wearing on him a little more each day. But they were smokin' in that scene and weren't even really doing anything.
I know!
They were really hot

but true to the fact that Cary didn't seem as happy here as he always was at the firm..
He did wave at a co-worker so I assume they like each other LOL

There are no Saints. Of course there are. THe main charachter is

Finally a bit more of a friendship scene between Alicia and Kalinda
about time!

even some reviews said that . Me likes. It amazes me how much they can do with such a normal scene
what reviews? Share

First Amber now Wendy, those videos rocked
apparently they have all kinds of love for funny vids
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