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Diane putting pressure on Alicia? Finally somebody is. She can't have it easy all the time. :p
well you could argue why Alicia had to be first chair to begin with, so Diane pressuring her was the least they could do

But they were smokin' in that scene and weren't even really doing anything.
even some reviews said that . Me likes. It amazes me how much they can do with such a normal scene
Ah, it seems to be about Blake again. Probably because he broke in to the office? Maybe? Strange.
I definitely thinks that plus with the info Cary gave. You know there is something wrong when someone like Kalinda is really worried

ooh what does Cary want?!! I wanna know!!
A friend

I felt so sorry for him and all this 'keep the door open business'
LOL Wendy scott car video ? How do they think of these things? LOL
First Amber now Wendy, those videos rocked
and please don't let people make a big deal out of this
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