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And they start off with the case..
LOL wendy scott car can sing!
LOL Grace supports Wendy Scott Car?! LOL

Hello Kalinda!! YAY! and enter Blake.
LOL He talks about gay
'Are you coming out?' LOL

Diane is excited... they're going with a firm with NY.. Hello MJF!
its nice to see alicia and diane in this way..

aww he's so using her LOL already playing games outside of court

and there is Alicia.. LOL and her shocker of the day
ah the sneak peek part... Love this LOL

Donna!! the infamous donna.. oooh not a happy meeting..
'heartless' 'selfish' ouch!

Why does will keep his hand in the air like that? during that meeting.

Eli! YAY!! 'I'm trying to figure out how to approach this one' LOL

LOL MJF.. and the chair.. and the water.. LOL the jury is so watching him and not what was said

'Talk to me about sex' LOL

I so hope they lose this one LOL MJF NEEDS TO WIN!

wow boob enhancement?
'It's better then glenn's haircut'

Is Eli letting Glenn's party revealing the dirty work? And a Glenn mole at the campaign LOL

will steps into court again? when did he step out?
more MJF he's a bit cruel to the girl
though I still can't help but love him

oooh the woman is in court?

CK!! YAY!!
LOL checking case files?
ooh what does Cary want?!! I wanna know!!
cute cary smile!

This is more then I expected before I started this ep!! *sigh*

Kind of interesting that Grace is supporting a different politics..
LOL Wendy scott car video ? How do they think of these things? LOL

Will smiles..I so hope MJF kicks their butts..

ah the rats videos... We saw that on youtube..

haha... 'Game on'and I think Alicia thought she'd get an offer or something

more kalinda/donna
that didn't go smoothly for Kalinda.. but they do kiss... I did not expect that... wow!

I do wonder if we get more cary/kalinda.. that's my afterthought LOL

MJF rules..
'Miss florrick is offended when I mention that' LOL haha

WHAT?? the underwear belonged to the daughter!! Gross!

Blake and Will?? intrigue.. why is he going after the therapist?
Please let MJF win it!

That backfired Eli!... breastcancer..
Grace likes her more and more now

'Oh Kalinda there you are' LOL

So that's how Bond and Blake stick together?? I do wonder what exactly Blake did but it was nothing good I suppose.. I wonder why he was never charged..

'If I were you I'd be careful'
My fav CK moment of the ep!
Very happy that Cary helped Kalinda.. and please don't let people make a big deal out of this
Plus I got my 2 scenes already! WOOT!

did Blake do that? the burglary?? is Will going to steep that low?

oh please settlement?? NOOO

Alicia is overwhelmed by Donna LOL
and Alicia/Blake laugh! WOW!

awww poor Kalinda

ah not the last of MJF! I'm happy..
LOL a 90 million class action suit, he could go to 50 and they got 35!! LOL
See who has the last laugh now!

Totally having the door open for more!!
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