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going to watch now. But CK whooooooo


I think it's funny that Will always has a red mug. Just noticed it

Uhhhh wendy singing, and good!

There are no Saints. Of course there are. THe main charachter is

'I'm in a meeting' I always too have meetings in the copy room

Haha Grace being there

Say what you want. But I like the Blake/Kalinda dynamic. I mean I don't see anythign romantic happening between them but I love their bickering

'Are you coming out?'

Diane looks awesomely excited and happy on the way to court

Of course no pressure


Oh Louis you.... Tricking Alicia like that. Freaking awesome

Oh OH I agree

Why is Alicia always first chair? Ireally don't get that, especially for such a big case

Alicia is pissed. I like it


4 months and you come to talk about this? 'How are you?

Aww K really broke Donna's heart

Give me a subject line^^

I like the ELi/Alicia dynamic

Good for Alicia sitting down and Diane doing it

And everyone looking at Louis and not Diane and the witness

Talk to me about sex

Get lost^^ the copy room again

Eli playing with the Childs campaign^^

is the only thing WIll is doing for the case, walking in the court room? twice now

poor girl

uh they are so screwing up the case, Louis owns them

Uhhh CK

Kalinda visiting Cary, ahhhhhhh

Because you are Kalinda

Cary always wanting something in return. I love that

Can't believe the CK plotline starts in this episode. Never expected that

I think it is a interesting plot to make Grace to be on Team Wendy instead of being on her dad'S

THe Wendy boop job vid

awwww the rats video, now we know what this was about

Will likes it.

Game on.

Uh nasty video end

They actually show the kiss. THey will like that and stop complaining

Mrs Floorick is offended when I mention it

with the daughter?

Uh BLake and Will in the elivator

Is will going to the dark side?

she had cancer....well Eli that backfired

CK again.

keeping the door open

Blake was arrested but Bond got him off, interesting

Awww Cary telling her to be careful. They melt my heart

Wow did Blake did that? Would Will and him go so far?

And Derrick still doesn't do anything

Finally a bit more of a friendship scene between Alicia and Kalinda

Gosh thinks Donna that Alicia and Kalinda dating?

Seems like everything is falling apart for Kalinda. I feel sorry for her,, and the trouble hasn'T even really started yet

Better luck next time. Interesting. He is so coming back

and the laugh is gone
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