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Evening all!

Gonna do my best to hit it all. Browser's been acting up so I may have to switch to my phone and the internet on it was being wonky earlier. *Fingers crossed* I make it through.

Did I mention I'm excited? I missed my Tuesday routine and it's back. I'm like a junkie needing a fix. Hehehe.

Wendy's husband is white? Should be interesting if that truly makes a difference. It sucks that that would be an issue, though, or that they would try and use it against her. I put nothing past Eli, though.

Grace at a Wendy rally? OMG...that's awesome!

Seriously, Blake's hot but needs a new wardrobe. Love him grilling Kalinda. LOVE her jumping back on him. I would like to know what his true agenda is, though. It's a huge law firm--why can't there be multiple investigators?

Diane putting pressure on Alicia? Finally somebody is. She can't have it easy all the time. :p

First MJF siting. OMG...what a riot. He's totally playing her. And the look on Alicia's face when she finally got to court was hysterical. LOVING them together so far. Alicia is so mad and perplexed.

New character #2. I like her so far. LMAO. This client is a riot. Donna's a little bitter but they have chemistry. And she shook up Kalinda which I thought was impossible.

I'm waiting for the day Alicia decks Eli. I so want it to happen. I know he's doing his job, but IMO, it's nice to actually see somebody with a mind of their own for once (Grace I mean). Will be interesting to see Alicia's take.

OMG, I LOVE MJF. He's driving A & D bonkers. It's hilarious.

Wendy got a boob job? So? I LOVE the things that matter in politics.

I hate to say it but I hope Peter doesn't go there. I'd hate to see him win like that.

Glenn has his own Eli. Interesting.

MJF's character is actually a really good attorney, too, though, which makes it even better.

Not that I mind a Will sighting but I'm not sure why he's in the courtroom to observe--you'd think he'd have other work to do. Never mind. He did serve a purpose.

Cary and Kalinda! Squee! Kalinda went to HIM FOR HELP with Blake because her usual sources have dried up. Hmmmmm.... OMG...Cary's looking good all relaxed with his feet up. I think he's getting a little annoyed with the SA's office. It seems to be wearing on him a little more each day. But they were smokin' in that scene and weren't even really doing anything.

LMAO. This doctor is hilarious! He seemed embarrassed when Will was talking intercourse.

Alicia and Grace. OMG...this is obnoxious. I normally don't like the kids much but I feel very sorry for Grace right now. That video was obnoxious, too. And it doesn't seem to me like that Alicia's that supportive of Peter so why the heck does she care? I did NOT like that scene at all.

LOVING the doctor's testimony. Love the rats.

I really hope that this doesn't mean that LGB is going to come out smelling like a rose again.

Oooh...two hot chicks in a bar alert. This is great. DAMN...that was one hot kiss. I just had a SUPER dirty thought that I won't be sharing here. But I imagine y'all can probably figure it out.

Ewwww....this girl's stepdad is a perv.

Ooooh...Will & Blake together in the elevator. Plotting dirty work. Yum.

Oh crap. Score several points for Wendy.

More C & K. Loving them. This is some heavy stuff. I knew there was something off about Derrick. All this goes down it's going to REALLY go down. Awwww...he wants her to be careful.

Eli's rival is dead. Poor guy. I really don't like this guy who is working with Eli, though.

Ugh...I think LGB is about to win again.

Kalinda's really disturbed by this for some reason. Ah, it seems to be about Blake again. Probably because he broke in to the office? Maybe? Strange.

Uh-oh, did Donna get screwed again? Apparently. Seems like Kalinda has a worthy adversary.

Loving Alicia and MJF. OMG...MJF for the win on that one.

Definitely better than the last ep for me. The case wasn't that interesting in itself but MJF was simply awesome. And I'm loving the Kalinda/Cary stuff and ensuing revelations.

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