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Originally posted by mesmerized:
<STRONG>Her sensuality is so natural and . That's why her hotness or sexiness comes naturally to her without even trying. She has the most sexiest smirk in the biz.
Gosh the way she look at Jason from head to toe on their scene in the classroom in sexual healings. Makes me want to ask her hey do you like what you see.

Shiri can make any of his leadingman the yummiest hunk on the block. I remember a movie called Dangerous Beauty. The real life story of Veronica Franco. I remember how her mother try to train her to be a courtesan. And she try to bring out the sexiness of her daughter. Veronica was a hard student because she never want to be a courtesan . But when she was motivated. It did'nt take for her mother to teach her to be enticing and sexy.
And that movie made me realized that a real sexy and very hotness of a woman does'nt lie in her props (make up, sexy clothes plastic surgery or her bodacious body) but in her inner self. When she's sensitive about things around her. And the way she carries herself confidently because she enjoys being herself. And one thing more Shiri also has this virginal quality in her.</STRONG>
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