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Snarky & Snarkier[Damon&Jeremy]#3: There is sort of an awesome frenemy/bromance thing going on here. - TV Chick Review

Welcome to the 3rd Damon & Jeremy Appreciation Thread.


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Who said Damon & Jeremy?

- From a reporter in a twitpic during Comic Con: Steven McQueen as he tells us how Damon will turn into a father figure for Jeremy.

- "A part of Jeremy's journey will be finding the right person to guide him through this tumultuous time in his life. "[Jeremy's] looking for father figures, too." - Steven

- "He's looking for guidance from everybody and I feel like when he doesn't have the guidance he strikes out." - Steven

- "There's an unlikely relationship, at least certainly beginning, that builds between him and Damon because he has to figure out what side he stands on." - Kevin W.

The Reasons:
- Because Damon and Jeremy played video games together.
- Because they both agree that "Hot trumps Weird".
- Because Damon went with Elena's plan to save Jeremy.
- Because Damon and Jeremy bonded.
- Because Damon had a "feeble and failed attempt at doing the right thing" at helping Jeremy get through his pain.
- Because even though Damon thinks Jeremy is a brat, he tried to help him.
- Because Damon was really sorry for Jeremy's loss when Anna died.
- Because they will make us go "awwww" with their scenes in season 2.
- Because Damon will finally be able to be a big brother figure to an adoring little brother again.
- Because Jeremy needs a big brother / father-like figure, and he will find that in the most unlikely person: Damon.
- Because Elena will approve of this bond.
- Because Damon will be the coolest big brother ever.
- Because they will have fun together.
- Because we want to see Damon and Jeremy fist-pump.
- Because IF Jeremy turns in to a vampire he has Damon to show him the way.
- Because even if Jeremy doesnt become a vampire, Damon will still be there to guide him.
- Because they are the hottests boys in the show
- Have you seen their biceps?!
- Because they both know what it feels like to lose the woman they love

Future titles:

If Damon killing Alaric led to Team Badass, him killing Jer will lead to Team Snarky!

"There's an unlikely relationship beginning to build between him and Damon." - KW

It soothes the burn a bit to see Jeremy and Damon metaphorically hugging it out. - Zap2It

Damon and Jeremy relate to each other because they're both "broken people" - Steven

Scene of the moment

Banner credit: Steph

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