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Well, Jess, I'm glad you can't stop with the Patrick&Grace arts. We need it

And P&G totally have a flirty banter! That's what I love the most about them
If you want I can wait that you finish with the "appreciation thread" art before adding the first art. I'm going to add the second one though, it's so awesome

Rigsby/Grace just bore me to death I just hope they won't go together again, or if they do I just hope it'll be for a short while. I was glad they broke up so fast actually, but I hope it wasn't only because of their job. I hope it'll give a chance to Patrick&Grace to be explored a bit more.

I don't feel Rigsby and Grace, no heat or passion there. Grace and Jane have the responsive chemistry down.
I like Jane and Libson as friends only.
Nice to see you back Kiane ITA That's what I think too
Have you seen the "you're the queen of my heart" part? I'm sure you would love it!
"I can take whatever I want"
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