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Oh cool, im glad Blue's okay I can stick with that . I find that with all my couples I should be making some Arthur/Gwen art but i caint stop with the Patrick/Grace

Thanks, I love that quote I cannot count the times ive watched that scene Flirty Banter FTW.

Oh yeah add whatever you like to the OP, that's cool with me Im just busy making a larger banner with 'Patrick and Grace Appreciation thread' with the first art included, I dont know if you want to wait for that one before adding it to the OP or not Nevermind, I didnt really like the way the Larger one I made turned out, I'll try my hand at it again tomorrow.

I wonder if they'll ever dive into Patrick's past, they've done to a certain extent but not much.

I didn't mind Grace/Rigsby I was glad they got them out of the way for a little while Silver linings and all that Jazz.

I love all the subtle hints with these two
I’m amazing when you’re beside me
I am so much more

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