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I like blue!! For the moments banner I've chosen blue and clear purple (alomst pink but not quite ) I know once you start making arts with those 2 it's impossible to stop I understand what you mean

The second one just kills me a bit more than the first one
You've added the "You're the queen of my heart" part and it just all seems even better

So can I add them to the OP now? Our OP will look awesome, once we will have all the arts
I'll also try to send a PM to Kiane and see if she's ok to come and post sometimes
I think Jane's wife knew about the scam, and I think she probably disagreed with it I'm sure she was telling him to stop, but he said he couldn't because it brought money home. I'm really curious to see how they were together too

I just watched the epi of S2 where Jane goes to prison yesterday because of Bosco (and Rigsby&Grace are together ) and I liked the moment where Grace stayed in the car and Lisbon asked her what she was thinking about and she said "I hope Jane is ok" Lovely moment
"I can take whatever I want"
"Get out of my head!"

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Thanks to Jade for the icon!!
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