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Your too kind! Here's the corrected version. Glad I noticed Im terrible at spelling

And another one, gosh when you start messing around with these pretties it's hard to stop

I'll make a mental note to tell you if I change the location of the files

We have had a whole lot of P&G scenes which leads me to believe the writers arnt completely blind to there chemistry. Jane and Grace have probably had as many scene if not more than Grace and Rigsby, and Grace/Jane scene's must outweigh Grace/Lisbon and deffinatly Grace/Cho scenes. I have hope for these two

Thats another huge reason why I want them to do some flashbacks or simply open there story a bit more. There are so many questions about Patricks past that need to answered. What did his wife think about his scam? Did she even know it was scam? How did his scam make him into an international superstar? So many questions so little answered

I'll be here waiting for you to finish!

Im gonna save my art without the text so if we decide on a colour scheme for the OP I can change the text color
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