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Aaaw yes, didn't realize the believer wasn't written correctly, I was just blown away by the awewomness of the art Tell, me when you've finished with it and I'll add it to the OP

Yeah, making the moments banner is quite long! I just realize now that we had a lot of great P&G scenes But it's nice to see that they were all worth it!

I also think Jane's wife was a believer and an optimist woman! I think it's why he might hate heaven and such now, because he might have believed once, even slightly when she was there but now that she's dead he just can't believe anymore (because of what happened). I just can see his wife telling him that he wasn't nice in his job making all these people believe in things that were wrong and because it really existed so he shouldn't play with it.

Thanks I hope I'll finish it too, though it might take some time
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