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Ah, thank you very much. Not my best, I wish I still had Photoshop I do not have the money to invest in it and really its pointless as I would only use if for pleasure and not work

Yes exacutly! Grace is the only one who seems to have the guts to ask anything personal and who wants there to be a normal relationship. Totally agree about the Believer thing, I actually think it would be interesting to have Flash back of Patrick's wife to get an idea of the type of person she was.

Its not an image gallery dedicated to them sadly Just a few sites dedicated to the mentalist and/or Simon Baker and I plan on checking out some Amanda Righetti sites too.

Im working on a banner for the OP just a simple one. What do you think of this heading for it 'Believer and Realist'

EDIT: Just a real quick one to see how the background looks...
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