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These are awesome icons I'm going to add some to the OP I think

Yep, I've read fade to black too, it's amazing Just wished the writer continued it a bit and didn't stop so early

I also think Patrick opens up a bit more to Grace than to anyone else (Lisbon included). Because when he tries to talk to Grace about personal stuff, she directly asks him about his personal stuff. I also think they kinda complete each other as Grace is a believer (in heaven and such) and Patrick isn't. So they can have some conversations about it, and it always turns out to be deep conversations which shows us a bit more of both of them

Im gonna have to re-watch the series and note down all the P&G scene before I try to make a banner, the image gallery i found is so big
There's an image gallery? Where? I think I'll have to do this too! They had a lot of scenes together in S1, haven't ended S2 yet so IDK
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Thanks to Jade for the icon!!
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