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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Series by Michelle Paver Appreciation #1

Welcome to the 1st Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Appreciation Thread

1.) Wolf Brother
Torak is twelve years old when his father is killed by a bear possessed by a demon. As he is dying, he tells Torak to swear to find the Mountain of the World Spirit and ask for the Spirit's help in destroying the bear. On his journey he encounters Wolf, a lone wolf cub whose family is dead. Wolf becomes Torak's guide. Torak and Wolf are captured by the Raven Clan; they are befriended by Renn, the niece of the clan's leader Fin-Kedinn. Torak appears to be the fulfilment of a prophecy about a "listener" who will give his heart's blood to the mountain of the world spirit, kill the bear and defy the Soul Eaters, a group of erstwhile mages who once were called the healers but then turned to evil and are trying to take power over the forest. Together Torak, Wolf and Renn journey to the Mountain, collecting the three parts of the Nanuak that Torak needs to offer to the World Spirit. Renn's brother Hord follows Torak. At the Mountain, as the bear gets closer, Torak and Hord fight. Wolf runs off, taking the Nanuak to the mountain, as Hord and the bear are killed in an avalanche.

2.) Spirit Walker
The clans fall prey to a mysterious sickness. Torak embarks on a search for a cure, which takes him to mysterious islands where the Seal Clan live. The Seal Mage, Tenris, promises to help him make a remedy. Torak meets a Seal Clan boy named Bale, who later becomes his friend. While on the island, Torak discovers that he is a spirit walker: his souls can move into other creatures, allowing him to feel and think as they do, but still remain himself. Tenris is not as helpful as he originally seemed: he is one of the Soul Eaters and plans to increase his powers by eating Torak's heart and becoming a spirit walker. Torak finds out that Tenris was actually his uncle. Tenris is killed by a killer whale, and Torak finds that the sickness is caused by juniper berries that Tenris had poisoned.

3.) Soul Eater
In their desire to subjugate all the clans, the Soul Eaters have captured a range of hunting animals - including Wolf - which they will sacrifice to unleash demons. They plan to control the demons with a fire opal. Torak and Renn make a dangerous journey across the frozen wilderness into the Far North to rescue Wolf. They escape, but not before the Soul Eaters brand Torak against his will as one of them. One of the Soul Eaters, Nef, the Bat Mage, destroys a piece of the fire opal by jumping into an ice chasm as a gesture to repay Torak's father for once saving her. Torak and Renn return to the forest with Wolf.

4.) Outcast
After the secret of his Soul Eater mark is discovered, Torak is cast out by the clans. While in hiding, he suffers from soul sickness, a kind of madness. Renn sends help to him in the form of two ravens Torak named Rip and Rek. While Torak is recovering his reason, Seshru the Viper Mage, a Soul Eater, uses her powers to draw him to her so she can control him. Renn and Bale together defy clan law by trying to help Torak. Seshru is revealed to be Renn's mother. Torak shows the clans that destroying him will not help them in their struggle against the Soul Eaters, and they accept him back. Bale uses Renn's bow to kill Seshru.

5.) Oath Breaker
Bale is murdered by Thiazzi the Oak Mage. Torak vows to avenge Bale's death, and with Renn, Wolf and Fin-Kedinn follows Thiazzi into the Deep Forest where the Forest Horse and Auroch Clans are at war. As Torak, Renn and Fin-Kedinn are about to enter the Deep Forest, Fin-Kedinnn is injured and turns back. Torak and Renn discover that Thiazzi is controlling the Deep Forest clans by impersonating their mages. After a destructive forest fire, Torak defeats Thiazzi and liberates the Deep Forest clans. Many months later, Wolf and his mate Darkfur show Torak and Renn their new cubs.

6.) Ghost Hunter
The Eagle Owl Mage, Eostra, sends a shadow sickness among the clans, and makes her owl kill one of Wolf's cubs and fly off with another. Renn and Torak venture to the Mountain of Ghosts with a grieving Wolf to stop Eostra from killing all life in the forest. When Renn injures her leg Torak leaves without her. Torak is captured by a strange boy named Dark who has been cast out by his clan. After much pleading, Dark releases Torak and ventures with him to the Mountain of Ghosts, where they meet Renn. They find Eostra summoning the ghosts of the dead Soul Eaters, including Torak's father, whose name is revealed to be Bon Kleasha. The Walker, who appeared mad when Torak and Renn previously met him in Wolf Brother, arrives and reveals himself to be Narrander, the seventh Soul Eater thought to have been killed in a great fire years ago.
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