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The Birthday Thread: It comes around once a year, every year unless yours is Feb. 29

So I couldn't believe we didn't have a birthday thread so here it is. Post your birthday and on your birthday, we'll start a new thread for you so everyone can celebrate.

January Birthdays
  • Louisa C (the 1st)
  • Merrilyn Gann (the 3rd)
  • Wilpen (the 8th)
  • *Rach* (the 18th)
  • Olderroswellfan (the 28th)
February Birthdays
  • DevotedEmilyFan (the 5th)
  • Deee (the 7th)
  • Rachel (February 10, 1983)
  • Harold (February 2nd)
March Birthdays
  • Taryn (March 1st)
  • 80sBabygirl (the 3rd)
  • Tom Amandes (the 9th)
  • 'Tos (the 20th)
April Birthdays
  • Lazy (the 12th)
  • Vivien Cardone (the 14th)
  • LemonyPie (Eva) April 20, 1992
May Birthdays
  • Shelby (the 9th)
  • Emily VanCamp (the 12th)
  • Stephanie Niznik (the 20th)
  • ~*twilight*to*starlight*~ (the 28th)
June Birthdays
  • EphramIsHot (the 2nd)
  • Thief Of Love (the 8th)
  • Chris Pratt (the 21st)
  • John Beasley (the 26th)
  • MissCongeniality (the 28th)
July Birthdays
  • ShadowMagist (the 4th)
  • Gregory Smith (the 6th)
  • alternativechick (the 9th)
  • BepperGirl (the 19th)
  • secretk (Koni) (July 25th)
August Birthdays
  • The Crow (the 25th) -- TURNING 28!
  • Debra Mooney (the 28th)
September Birthdays
  • the character Amy Abbott (the 15th)
October Birthdays
  • Delia (October 11th)
  • everwoodfan52 (the 30th)
  • Alwayshappy (the 14th)
November Birthdays
  • Edna (November 18th)
December Birthdays
  • Treat Williams (the 1st)
  • Jerry D (December 16th)
  • Barrybgb (the 19th)
  • AppleBehryGrl23 (the 23rd)
  • Shingen (Dec. 29th)

You don't have to put how old you're turning but if you want to, that's great.
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