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Originally Posted by naturellebella (View Post)
I do love those cliffhangers the end of each episode that just leave you want more next week like especially the one where Elena figures out what Stefan is, when Anna takes Elena, when Damon and Elena have to put Stefan in the "dungeon" and they sit outside his door, when Isobel comes back etc etc. I think that's something I hear a lot of news people say is a strength of the show, that it always keeps you wanting more.
That's definitely true, but I don't think the cliffhangers are what "makes" a show. Yes, they keep you interested, but if you are disappointed by the episodes after that because you don't get answers to some of the other questions you have, you'll lose interest in a show as well, cliffhangers or no cliffhangers.

I think there should be more of a balance, and not "just" the cliffhangers, you know?

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