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|DamonღAnna| #1: Damn your strong for a little thing.

Welcome to the 1st
Damon and Anna
Appreciation Thread

Damon Salvatore
Stefan's malevolent vampire brother.

Pearl's teenage vampire daughter.

Reasons We Adore Them

'Damn your strong for a little thing'
'It's just like 1864'
They both work alone.
They both wanted to open the tomb.
They both spent 145 years trying to save a loved one.
Because he wanted to save her.
The eyesex is undeinable.
Because she warned him about the attack of the tomb vampires.
Because he warned her about John Gilbert.
Because their equals.
Because she doesn't intimadate easy.
Because she told him the truth about Katherine.
'I work alone. So do I'
Because he spared her mother's life.
Because Ian's team Anna.

Shipper List

1. KatherineLeFay
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