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I really enjoyed this season, it was always action packed and fast-moving. It constantly kept my attention. But I do think that sometimes character development took a back seat in favor of pushing a story line or a couple.

I still feel that Elena's entire behavior in 1x11 was off, considering that only a couple of episodes before she found out he was behind the killings, she knew he abused and used Caroline, she saw him attack Bonnie, she knew he killed Tanner. I was kind of excited for that episode before it aired (as you can see by the things I wrote before the episode aired), but I felt that this episode really did a disservice to Elena's character.

And I think in terms of some of the minor characters, like Tyler, Matt and Caroline, even Jenna, the writers took the easy way out sometimes in having a lot of things happen off screen or just not mentioning them again (Caroline's insecurities, Jenna's relationship with Alaric, Tyler's entire purpose, etc.).

In season 2, I would like to see them focus a bit more on the characters themselves, instead of just going for the dramatic moments, cliffhangers and the triangle

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