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I live about 3o mins north of Ft lauderdale, so the area where I live is nothing but old people and early bird specials, everything closed at like 11pm. its pretty fun in the Ft Lauderdale area, but the traffic getting to and from it is a pain, although I know that there is traffic every where which cant be helped. but Florida drivers are the worst so who wants to be on the road..

i know what you mean about the Icon, My very first Icon I was able to have I think I kept it for about 6 months I was soo excited, but now with all the new creations and such I have a hard time making up my mind when I do decide to change. I used to be able to make them so it used to be much easier, but I lost my PSP program when my old roommate moved out and I cannot afford a new one yet, but soon I hope.
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