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Jonathan Groff: Well, at my prom actually, I went with a girl who I was best friends with, her name was Emily, and um, we were - we won the, like, swingdance competition, and so they asked us if we would, you know, perform a swingdance on our own. For like the .. everyone sorta like, crowded around us and we danced. And uh, I was getting really ambitious with the moves, and so I was like “Emily,” while we were dancing, “Emily, we’ll do this, and we’ll do this, and I’ll throw you around my back.” And so I went like this and I went like this and I went to throw her around my back and I just .. she just slipped a little bit, so I grabbed her legs and just spun her around in a circle … and everyone saw her red thong.
but why am i very uncomfortable at the thought of him ever having had a best friend that is not lea?

look how cute!!!

why, hello.
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