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Shipper Threads Strikes Rule - Please Read and Respond


Tension between the shipper groups here at the The Vampire Diaries Board are quite high. As a result rules have been broken in the past. In an effort to curb the ongoing "shipper wars" the board will use a "3-Strike Rule."

The rule is pretty easy to understand. Each shipper group will be given a strike when a rule on the board is broken. Once the second strike has been issued, the moderators will consult with the Moderator Managers about a possible temporary thread closure. If a third strike occurs, the thread may be closed for 24 hours. All strikes expire 6 months after they've been issued.

We understand that this may appear to be harsh but it has gotten to the point where a simple slap on the hand will not to the trick. Everyone should be respected on the board.

Some of the strikes we will be looking for are the following:
  • Bashing of shipper groups and shipper threads (title, conversation, etc.)
  • Bashing and making fun of any couple. Constructive criticism and comparisons are fine, but it will be our discretion as to whether or not it crosses the line.
  • Bashing either fanbase or taking posts from their thread is not allowed.
  • Lurking in the other threads is strongly discouraged and members should leave it up to the moderators of that thread to control them (but by all means, if you see a rule being broken, report it)
  • Making fun of titles, or using titles that take jabs at the other fanbase is not allowed.
Threads With Strikes

???- 1 (issued: (insert date) | expires: (insert date))


Please read and respond. This thread will be merged to the Navigation Thread after a week.

- your moderators
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