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Yeah they are quite difficult to climb indeed I have a scar on my left foot cuz I went climbing barefoot one day (my friend didnt tell me we were going on a hard trek so I was wearing a skirt and sandals...then I broke my sandals in the mud... )

but the trees were so awesome there,I couldn't resist and had to climb,lol

but it's ok,it's a scar from Hawaiii...

If I was in the jungle there I would be so tempted to find someone else there and just start whispering crazily near them. /random
LOL,we did hide behind the a tree and scremed Jack, and made a video we did it for like 5 times,and it was so quiet all around...some people actually looked down in the jungle were we were to check if something bad had happened,I was like "now worries dudes,we are re-acting LOST"

I have a lot of pics of'll see

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