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they do need to do that so effing mush.
Another join interview at CC this year too maybe.
B/c i lvoe the one we got last year.

ANd yeah they are so dam funny and special togeyther.
And really lisen to the commertey you can't rally tell they are lying.
B/c they are so serisly when they say some of the jocks.

If there is some spelling wrongs it's b/c i'm groggy.
It's 26 degress outside i walked from my apartment to my paretns house ( that is 4km) with some packing on my back and i didn't have to mush to eat before i did walk here. I got some stuff in me now but i feel littel strange.
ANd it was like 28 when i started walking.
Isn't it lovely with summer.

Anyway i won't be around mush today we are leaveing for the westcoast as soon they get her and i won't be back til sunday afternoon.

Don't miss me to mush, or miss me to mush

"i'm not weird, i'm limited edition "

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