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I deathly wish that I was a member of Fan Forum when BSG was still on...I am a huge BSG fanatic and I still miss the show all the time!!

The glory days of the SciFi Channel were the best friday nights EVER!! SG-1 @8 SGA @9 and BSG @10......what a perfect friday night....

Although I have never been a member of this board, saying goodbye to it makes me feel like I'm saying goodbye to the show all over again!! LOL.

BSG is still the number 1 show that I recommend to everyone to watch, and I have gotten more people hooked on it than anything else. It will always remain the show the people need to watch who hate scifi. Now thats not me by a long shot....but I have gotten so many non scifi fans hooked on it it's ridiculous!!

Anyway....goodbye BSG board!! will love BSG FOREVER!!

You are my light in the darkness
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