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Originally Posted by tsforever (View Post)

I'm fairly new to can someone explain how these campaigns work please?
welcome! campaign threads allow people to vote for new forums that they want added here. The thread must be active and have atleast 100 supporters on the thread in order to get a board. However, any campaign thread can be submitted by request onto the poll for the month to be voted on, but must be active in order to stay listed. Each month the thread with the most votes gets a board. (you can only vote once that month).
In order for your vote to count, you must be listed on the campaign thread for the board you've voted for. Once the month is over, someone from the thread can submit the campaign to the poll for the next vote count to start! There are a certain amount of openings that can be submitted so it's best to get the name of the campaign in quick.

I hope that helped and that I explained it ok. Did it sound confusing at all? hehe.

Thanks for the Nine DVD info Connie!
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