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Name: Michelle (Chelle/Cheali - same thing, spelled differently)
Age: 18
Birthday: 25th March
Country: Australia
Favorite TV Shows: Charmed, Supernatural, NCIS, House, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Merlin, Law & Order: SVU... although the NCIS & House boards are the only ones i tend to visit usually, them & sometimes Charmed...
What is it about Pushing Daisies that interests you: The fact that it is different, & it draws you in. Plus i do like shows with a magic theme generally...
Character you're most interested in: im not sure, Chuck maybe
Random thoughts: not really a random thought, but just thought i would say that i havent actually watched the whole series. i think i saw the final episode of S1, then i have 3 more episodes to watch & then i will be finished S2. i randomly found it on one day, & i had heard good things about it so started watching it ... now i just have to find it on DVD at a good price so i can watch S1 (& then when it comes out, do the same with S2 - since its not out here yet )
you are so bright, shining above all the city lights, you
know it's right when all of the stars in the sky align, if
you and I, we are together as one tonight, i'm with you
sending out love to the world
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