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Originally Posted by SaraSidleStokes (View Post)
I got your Pm and I was all set to reply to it but it said you don't accept Pms or something like that *pouts* Let me know if You wanna move to Emails or Ims we can talk that way

ANYWHO on the D/B topic there are so many songs that fit them I think I already posted Dreaming of you by Selena but "I could fall in love" also by Selena could fit from Betty's Point of view, I'll think of more for Daniel's Point of view later but I know I have a ton down loaded to my Iphone
really? well just email me your message:

if we're talking about videos i just listened to the mama mia OST and someone needs to make a video with the song: lay all your love on me (the movie version song not the ABBA original)
ETA: i should really start remember the videos i watch on YT, someone already did an video with this song :-P
Doug and Carol -ER (because they are the ultimate ship)
Josh and Donna -The West Wing Betty and Daniel - Ugly Betty Harry and Ginny - Harry Potter Cap. Jack and Ianto - Torchwood.
Warning to all ships out there: I do not give my ship love easily, couples need to earn my love, and damn it these couples did.

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