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i'm sure you're not alone... maybe. i just found his character very jarring in season one, especially during the second half of it. i mean, so many other characters were tossed into his storyline, which just seemed to create this giant discord within the show as a whole. after they moved away from colin being such a focal point though, everwood definitely developed this wonderful balance of storytelling, including moving the abbotts to the forefront, which allowed a great dynamic to unfold between them and the browns. like, i like that it became more focused on the town and the families versus just being seemingly about one character.

amy, wow, i have such a love/hate thing going on with her this season. i'll just say it's easier to empathize and even sympathize with her character during eps 202-209 and 217-222. everything in between just feels like rehash of her relationship with colin, so.

like i said, i really enjoyed the two family dynamic of season two, especially the abbott's development. it's interesting because they are essentially taking one family and reflecting them off the another in ways that both compliment and contradict each other, yet are also slowly building a unification between two fathers who are so different, but really grow to depend on the other as outlets away from their families. so, season two is definitely a step up from season one both character and story wise imo.
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