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Two OPs.


Okay so like I've told you before Jenny's basically been disowned by her parents. They both had other children before they had her and they're choosing them now over her because she can't skate anymore. She's good for nothing basically. Her family owns Steinkamp Fitness and Wellness Training Center. The property that the center is on isn't owned by them though. There was this huge mess and basically her father was tricked by her mother and stepbrother into selling his shares of the center. The "heir" of the land that the center is on said that unless Richard sold his shares he would demolish the center because he wanted the land for something else. But what really happened was that there was no heir, he was an actor hired by her mom... her parents are feuding because her dad cheated. Axel finds all this out and proposes something to Jenny. He knows her parents don't care for her now but he has a way that they will. He actually bought the land from the real owner, everyone thinks Axel's dead btw . So if she marries him then she'll own the land and then she'll be really important to her parents. Well now that she thinks Marian doesn't want to be with her she's really got nothing so she agrees.
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