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Sab update the OP. The first one add Cherry_21 to the fanlist.

Delete those future titles and just paste all of these.

Because I've found all I've waited for and I couldn't ask for more.
Because the daylight seems to want you just as much as I want you.
Because she's too hot to handle and she's not afraid to let him know it.
Because Bonnie stood up to Damon and threatened to set him on fire.
"His lips were cool, like silk, but everything else was so warm. She didn't need to be afraid."
"This fatally poisoned woman-child he’d as good as given his word to save."
"He clutched at her as if he needed her for blood and to let go of her would be to lose her."
Because sometimes love comes when you don't want it but when you need it most.
Because he was her protector, like a guardian angel.
"I hear the laughter and I taste the tears, But I can't get near you now."
"Oh I just can’t take it, My heart is racing, The emotions keep spinning out."
Because Damon always does threatening but Bonnie turned it around on him.
Because with Bamon "you never know."
Because you cant control the feelings that buried deep inside.
"I admit I did some painful things it's true, And I'm sorry , no making amends"
"You have been a challange in every way, Thats what I like..."
Because "Your so hard to get."
Because their eyes are glued to each other when they talk to one another.
Because only Bonnie can resist Damon's charm.
Because Bonnie is the only that made Damon beg.
Because Bonnie can leave him speechless, stunned and amazed at one time.
Because Bonnie can burn Damon in more ways than one.
Because Bonnie is the only one we've seen Damon lick his lips for.
Because she is the only girl who can say 'no' to Damon without annoying him.
Because he always tells her the truth.
Because Bonnie can see right through him.
Because Bonnie is the only person that threaten Damon genuinely and live.
B/C: They might not cry for the same reason but always at the same time.
Because she's unique with an inner strength that he'll find appealing.
Because sometimes the best love is created out of loss.
Because she's on fire when he's near her.
Because she'll bewitch him with those enticing emerald orbs of hers.
Because Damon needs a strong woman by his side and a "powerful witch goddess" definitely fits the bill.
Because DnB are a combo of smarmy 'n' smolder and raw sex appeal.
Because once he gets together with Bonnie, he'll wonder "Katherine who? Elena who?"
Because their love story will be the definition of the word 'epic.'
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