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Naoms ♥ Ems #700: 500 days of Summer, turned into 700, which turned into forever.

Welcome to the 700th Emily & Naomi Relationship Thread
A story about two people falling in love.

"It makes me think how lucky I was to get
hit by lightening and go mental...
Because Number 5 is Alive... Love you forever xxx"

"The first person I kissed.. properly kissed was... Emily.
And she really took the bull by the horns.
She swept me off my feet. Grabbed me and kissed me.
That's why I like girls. They've got balls.
And boys? Well, boys are just pussies."

Why I love Naomily....well, it is pretty obvious, they're pretty amazing together. The way they act
when they're around each other and the way they're completely different together make me love them even more.
From the start of episode one I knew something was between them two, no-one looks at someone like Emily did in that sports hall...
they literally amaze me, not just the characters but the actress' themselves, they portray Emily and Naomi in such a way it leaves me in awe.
From their characteristics down to their problems, they helped me deal with my sexuality,
not that I wasn't in such denial before, but they seemed to have helped me be more open about it
which has changed my life completely. I don't know what else to say, I just hope they develop in to something wonderful.

I personally feel that's why I got to like them so much is because I can relate to them
- Sam

I support the ship of Naomi and Emily for different reasons. One of them being the way they astound me with their history,
and the clear love they feel for each other. Another is because I feel they are the purest, and the strongest coupling out of Skins 3.
It is amazing how they can comfort each other, even with a door between them. It’s great that one of them can stop,
and realise what they have before they make a mistake. It is beautiful how they bring out such strong hidden qualities in each other;
whether it be Emily beginning to stand up for herself and her beliefs, or Naomi finally learning to trust someone,
and that someone eventually being Emily.

It’s not perfect, because love never is. It’s Naomily.
- Midnightshow9

I love Naomi/Emily because more than two girls attracted to each other, they are two people with feelings for each other.
Their relationship isn't an easy one like actually every relationship in life. Something draws you to someone,
you love, you hurt - yourself and/or them. You try to figure things out.
What I mean is regardless your sexual orientation, when you see them,

you cannot help but relate in some ways.
- Not_so_ingenue

Naomily (Naomi & Emily) is a brilliant couple with so much dedication, skill and love that we, their fans,
are completely immersed in everything that they do and say. These characters were created by the writers but then the actors chosen,
(Lily and Kat), were so fine they took over their characters to create this perfect love. Whatever their trials and tribulations,
we're all with them every step of the way bringing us great excitement, happiness and tears.
We wouldn't have it any other way – all we ask you to do is join us at Naomi & Emily
and give this amazing couple your valued support. You won't regret it I am sure we can all promise that.

By the way, they're both very very pretty and so cute.
- ronnie_bi

Wow, I can’t even being to explain how this ship got me so obsessed. It’s like, what was Skins before them?
Obviously they are both stunners (doesn’t help my self consciousness). They are both like polar opposites,
one loud and one quiet, overshadowed by her obnoxious sister.
They’re love radiates off screen and in the last episode; you can really feel the chemistry. I feel sparks.
I don’t get like this with everyone, it’s kinda strange really, that I get super obsessed with the one couple on Skins
that isn’t set in cement. I’m sure we are all hoping they stay together, but being Skins,
there is bound to be complications, I’m just dreading to find out what happens.
I love Naomi & Emily because they could easily be perceived as any normal experimenting teens,
but what people don’t know is that they are falling in love. It may not be traditional romance,

but it’s a Naomily romance, one that I wish I had in my life.
- Jemma

I love Naomi and Emily because they are so adorable, they have so much love for each other, even if they aren't completely aware of it yet.
They give me hope in finding someone, they make me smile every time they are on screen. they have so much lust and desire for one another.

I have never loved a TV couple as much as I love them, and that's saying something.
- Emma

I think the reason I've become so attached to Emily/Naomi is that it's a storyline I can really relate to.
It's so rare to see a really great teen lesbian storyline on television these days, and so I was intrigued
by these two since I first heard about them.. and they definitely lived up to my expectations.
They're so perfect for each other, and watching Emily come to terms with her feelings and Naomi slowly realize that she
wants and needs Emily has been amazing. And it helps that Kat & Lily are both great actresses and have fantastic chemistry.

The storyline has had a positive effect on so many girls, which I think is amazing.
- Kirsty

Why do I love Naomily?
I see myself as a real life Emily, except male and straight.
Both of us are quiet, shy and not many people know the real us.

Seeing the passion and romance between them never fails to make me smile
- Matt

As soon as I saw Naomi and Emily step into the scene, I knew there was something special in them.
That they will be able to make a difference. And I was right. Watching the two of them discover themselves and eventually fall in love.
It made me believe that love does happen, and it doesn't choose who to occur with.
Love is real, as well as the heartaches and pain that come with it.

And love can withstand anything, just like Naomily.
- Erika

I love Naomily because they're one of those couples that aren't over the top and the relationship is too dramatic.
I love them because they're like a realistic couple, they argue and they fight over things that are relevent/
I love them even more because they always make up and have their beautiful moments.
They're so adorable together and it makes me smile when I see them together when they are having one of their moments.
It's the way that Emily loved her and ran after her and never gave up
It's also the way that Naomi was so affected by it all and tried to fight off the feeling of love but we always knew that Naomi loved Emily back.
I love them because they're a great homosexual couple and they make you proud to be gay because they are amazing together and give homosexuality a good name.
It's mainly because they're in love though.

Naomi + Emily ARE love.
- Scream<3

I love Naomily because I'm a sucker for lovestories.
Love is love, whether it's between a man and a woman, two men or two women.
Naomily shows us that there is hope for us.
It sends positive messages to society, and while it's entertaining, it teaches us about love, and how we deal with it.
Being bisexual, you can relate to the characters a lot more (Naomi) and what they are going through to get what they want from life.
I love Naomily, because they are an accurate representation of all orientations in regards to love.

Love is love, regardless of orientation, and Skins highlights that fact.
- Skye

I love Naomi/Emily because their story is realistic and beleivable and shows alot about struggles.
I love them because they are just Naomi and Emily, the way they feel and they way they act (even if sometimes its a bad decision).
Plus all the cute littles facial expressions get me .... basically

I love love, they love each other, so I love them.
- Lauren

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