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Hey I thought I should come introduce myself as I have been posting on the GG DV thread for a while Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming there
Name: Helen
Age: 18
Birthday: 14th February Valentines Day
Country: England
When did you become a Jess fan?: This last year after becoming obsessed with DV and seeing Jess's interviews and gorgeous photos and stills. Also I reli like how carefree and happy she always seems interacting with others and when she speaks
Favourite character she's played so far: Vanessa Abrams
Other fandoms: far far too many for my own gd Lost, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Bones, Skins, Private Practice, Torchwood, House and Fringe but that is the only other place where I post reli
♥ James Mcavoy ♥

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