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LC Quote Survivor, Group 3, Round 3


L: "Cory and I were, like, 'Maybe we should dress up.' But then we were like 'Maybe next year.'" Eliminated- Round 2.


Korbi: "Awesome. And I'm really looking forward to Rachel really stealing Finn from Quinn."
L: "Lets do it. Lets do it. Me too."


C: “I want to get up out of my bed, at like three in the morning, and walk downstairs in the hotel and wander around Times Square.”
L: “Can I come with you?”
C: “Yes.”


C: “I think [Finn and Rachel] are kind of meant to be together.”


L: I will win
C: I am fantastic at this game
L: Do you know how many times I tell him things and he doesn't listen? I am going to win.
C: Let's see.
Interviewer: Cory what is Lea's most annoying habit?
C: Well that's up to interpretation. There are so many to choose from! Her most annoying habit is that her talent eclipses all of us.
L: Oh, God! Wrong.


C: "He's serving two masters: trying to be the popular with the cheerleader girlfriend and trying to follow his dreams and be with the girl he actually likes."


L: "Their relationship goes on a bit of a roller-coaster ride for the rest of the season. But there's a definite connection." Eliminated- Round 1


L: “How do I look?”
C: “You look stunning.”


Interviewer: “Who is your character in love with?”
L: “Oh I would definitely have to say Finn.”


L: “@frankenteen looking hott in the shower!!! ooowww!!!!”

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