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Hey guys! I was at the filming this week, on the 9th, so here's my report of the episode! It's fairly long, so I hope you guys enjoy! If anyone has questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

Scene 1

The episode opens with the four guys walking up the stairs, and Leonard's carrying a big box. He asks why he always has the be the muscle. Sheldon says that Howard's the funny one, Raj's the foreigner, and I'm blanking on what Sheldon himself was (the smart one, maybe?), which left Leonard to be the muscle. Then Leonard said something about maybe being the pulled muscle.

Inside the apartment, Penny is setting out plates at the table, and ready to eat. The guys were supposed to be getting food, but instead got distracted following a guy they thought was Adam West, ended up at a yard sale, and bought a box of random stuff for 60 bucks. Penny asks who Adam West is, prompting the others to question what Leonard and Penny talk about before and after coitus.

The guys are excited by the random stuff in the box (a movie script, some action figures), and Leonard happily says that anything could be in there. Penny's response to this at first was asking if maybe they'd find some Chinese food, but then when they ran through it again it was changed to her asking if he could find a new girlfriend in the box.

There was a small blooper here... After one of Leonard's lines, Howard was supposed to speak, but Simon forgot because he was too engaged with the sword he'd picked up and was looking at!

Raj pulls out some action figure with a penis drawn on it, and he then licks his finger and tries to rub it off. The other characters just stand and watch in disbelief, until Howard finally stops him. Though on one take the cast (starting with Simon?) just started laughing while Kunal was going at it.

Then Howard picks up an Alf doll, and sits down on the couch talking about how his mom got him an Alf doll when his dad left, and how he used to think that Alf would bring his dad back someday. Penny says, "That's so sad," and then Sheldon says, "No, what's said is you don't know that Adam West was tv's Batman."

Scene 2

Still in the apartment, looking through the box, and Penny decides to just go back to her apartment to make herself lunch. I can't remember what she said as she was leaving the first time, but the second time she said she was going to browse eHarmony.

Then Sheldon pulls out a replica of the Lord of the Rings ring. They all admire it, and pass it around in a circle as they recite something about the ring (I'm not really into LotR, so I can't remember what it was), and then Raj makes a comment about how they really are all nerds.

Scene 3

The guys are at the Cheesecake Factory. They've noticed that the ring doesn't have any sort of trademark, and suspect that it's the real deal. Apparently there were 10 rings used in the movies, 3 were given to cast members, and the rest were destroyed, except for one that was stolen. So this is the "one ring."

They then disagree on what to do with it. Raj wants to sell it, and buy a waterski (because everyone who's rich and beautiful has one), which everyone else shuts down. I can't remember Sheldon or Howard's specific wants, though Sheldon did have it appraised, but Leonard thinks they should send it back since it was stolen, and they shouldn't have it. Sheldon complains that he never gets his way, to which Leonard immediately argues that Sheldon ALWAYS gets his way!

Penny shows up with their food, and makes a comment about how she brought it like she promised, and didn't show up with a box of random stuff instead. Leonard gives Penny the ring to hold onto until they can decide what to do with it. Penny then says something like, "The first piece of jewelry that my boyfriend gives me is a movie prop, and I don't even get to keep it?" Howard then said something about if she'd given in earlier, she could have been the owner of some family broach, then Leonard said something like, "How am I looking now?"

Scene 4

Penny and Leonard are sleeping in Leonard's bed, and Penny's wearing the ring on a necklace. Sheldon sneaks in, but she's rolled over in a position where he can't get to it. So he makes a buzzing noise, like a fly, near her ear, to get her to move, but he still can't get it. So he comes back with a plastic claw thing, and uses it to try to get the ring. During this Penny wakes up and punches Sheldon!

We couldn't actually see Leonard's room, so we could only see what was in the camera shot on the tv screens above us. As Sheldon was reacting to the punch, Penny was barely in the shot off to the side, but it looked like Kaley was trying not to laugh!

Sheldon notices he's bleeding and runs out of the room. Penny lies back down next to Leonard, who's woken up and asks what happened. She explains, he says, "That's my girl," and wraps his arm around her as they go back to sleep.

Scene 5

Howard, Sheldon, and Leonard are in the cafeteria. Howard asks Sheldon (who's nose is clearly bruised) how it feels to be beat up by a girl. Sheldon says it wasn't the first time it happened, as his twin sister's abuse began in utero.

Raj then enters with his laptop, and his lawyer cousin on video chat. The cousin tries to make a deal - Raj will give up his claim to the ring in exchange for two waterskis - but it's quickly shot down, and the cousin gives up.

Leonard reaches into his pocket for the ring, can't find it, and it turns out Sheldon has it; Sheldon warns him to be more observant of his surroundings while in the bathrom! All four of the guys end up holding onto the ring, and decide that the last one holding onto it will get to keep it.

Scene 6

Coming slowly up the stairs, they're all still holding into the ring. Someone says something about there being a point where this becomes absurd, and Leonard says, "You don't think that point was while we were driving like this?" Then I think Sheldon said something about his great patience, to which Leonard says that he's the one with a lot of patience, because he sat through all 5 seasons of Sex in the City with Penny. Raj informs him there are 6 seasons, to Leonard's great disappointment.

As they continue up the stairs, Raj talks about how season 6 is actually really good. They get to the apartment door, Leonard accidentally drops the key, so they guys all plie so he can pick it up.

During this Penny walks up the stairs behind them, and Leonard tries to explain to her what they're doing. Penny basically says that's fine, she supports him in everything, then as she goes into her apartment says, "By the way, this bag is from Victoria's Secret." Leonard looks after her, torn, the guys all turn to Leonard to see what he's gonna do, then after a few seconds he says he's out and follows her into her apartment.

Scene 7

Raj, Howard, and Sheldon are sitting on the couch, still holding onto the ring. Raj and Howard exchange insults about their mothers, then try to turn on Sheldon. But Sheldon has accepted his mother's faults, and nothing they say will bother him. So they attack his mee maw instead! Poor Sheldon can't stand it, and then starts saying water-related things to try to make them have to pee. Raj says it's not working, but Sheldon states it is, because now he has to pee! Howard decides he has to go to, so they stand and make their way to the bathroom, and Howard comments that this was a bad day to wear suede shoes.

Scene 8

They're back on the couch, asleep. Howard has let go of the ring, and we see Raj let go in his sleep and turn towards Howard. Sheldon wakes up, realizes he's won the ring, and runs off to the bathroom with it. He's cleaning it carefully, "My precious," then looks up into the mirror to see that he's turned into Gollum!

The three guys on the couch again, Sheldon wakes up screaming, it turns out that was only a dream. They look around frantically for the ring, because no one's holding it, and Leonard (standing in the kitchen) says he sent it back to New Zealand. He'd walked in and it was on the floor, they'd all lost. The others are upset, but Leonard says that if someone had won, they'd just have the ring, and then three former friends. And as he heads to his room, he says he doesn't know what happened in the bathroom, but he's not cleaning it up!

(They told us later the rest of this scene in the living room might be cut, because they felt Leonard's exit was a more natural place to end it...) The guys look ashamed of themselves, and Howard apologizes for the mean stuff he said. Sheldon says it wasn't his fault, the ring was evil. Howard says that it wasn't evil, it was just a movie prop, and then Sheldon said in that case, Howard owed his mee maw an apology.

Cut to Leonard walking into his bedroom, pulling a box out from under his bed, and then the ring out of the box! He kept it after all. And again, "My precious."

Scene 9

Penny and Leonard are asleep again in Leonard's room, but now it's Leonard wearing the ring around his neck. Sheldon's back, and trying to get the ring, and Leonard wakes up. The two of them start fighting/wresting in the bed over the ring, waking up Penny, who gets outs of bed and leaves the room. As she leaves, she says something about needing to start dating stupid non-nerdy guys again.

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