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Remember when...(Our favorite Nsync moments)

We used to have a thread like this on the board but it disapperead.

Anyways..I was thinking that we could each take a trip down memory lane and remember some of our favorite Nsync moments.

I'll start it off:

*Remember first saw Nsync performing "For the girl who has everything" in concert and found yourself practically drooling during JC's parts?

*Remember when...Britney showed up with Justin at the VMA's and you proclaimed: "FINALLY! They stopped trying to lie about it."

*Remember when...Chris ran over the miscellanous guy with his golf car on MTV's making the video and then kept going.

*Remember when...JC ran into a crate on MTV's making the video and Justin laughed about it.

*Remember when...Justin got on the ground and started thrusting his hips up and down during "Gone" in concert

And last, but not least:

*Remember when...Justin commented on how fine Janet Jackson was while Janet's father, Joe, was behind him and Chris shreked: "Boy, do you want to get killed?"

[img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] Alright, now everyone list yours.

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