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This is definitely one of the best episodes of the entire series, it's just amazing!
Ephram's evidently been vitriolic towards his father since Julia died because of his presumed affair and it's also another reason why he finds it hard to return to the piano, even if he doesn't realise it. Plus, he probably feels guilty about Julia's death, as if he hadn't been into playing the piano, there'd have been no recital & ergo no car accident. Love how the end scene with Ephram, Julia & piano mirrors the one in the Pilot-can't believe I only just caught on to that!
I adore seeing Julia &Ephram together, and yeah, I'd totally have watched Julia, Ephram & Delia function as a unit while Andy's off at work all day, and, when he does come back, having Ephram mutter stuff under his breath or being caustically sarcastic and Delia getting all over-excited and showing & telling Andy what she'd done at school that day, then Julia & Andy discussing stuff once Ephram & Delia are in bed.
I absolutely adore that Ephram goes to Andy to apologise, which I think is a first for him at this point in the show! The ensuing conversation & the forehead kiss Andy bestows on Ephram are truly touching moments. Awwww to Ephram's "She loved you. She used to tell me that all the time." & Andy's reply... Nice parallel to 'The Great Dr Brown' explanation Ephram gives his dad in the episode with the same name. I don't think Julia ever did participate in Ephram's mockery of Andy-I can imagine her maybe suppressing a titter at it the first time but gently scolding Ephram about it, and Ephram speaking in anger when he recounts the anecdote, so blowing it up to epic proportions. Jacob, on the other hand probably called Andy that to his face, spreading the sarcasm on thickly!
I also love Delia & Ephram's interaction-their relationship is really lovely, and I would have loved to see more of it. Ephram would know what she'd want in her lunch bag/on her pizza etc, what to buy her for Birthday/Christmas/Hanukkah, I imagine he read to her when she was little & taught her loads of stuff, so lots to work with there! Maybe a scene where Delia tries to make Ephram see Andy how she sees him or asks him what it was like when it was just Ephram & their parents-I'd have loved to hear Ephram's take on life pre-Delia/before Andy's work took over his life...
Hee to Amy's "I will never be done with the salt.Ever." & Bright's response-the rapport the Abbotts had with eachother felt so real & believable & Emily van Camp captures the moody teenager so well, as does Greg Smith!
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