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This one was new for me as well.

Back to the deeper wounds I mentioned in the episode 17 discussion thread... This has definitely been one of the most touching episodes of Everwood.
Now we know what caused Ephram to stop playing the piano. He really thought (and yeah, everthing seemed to lead there) Andy had an affair during his marriage. And it must have hurt Ephram that much we can't imagine. He was only 14 (or 15?) and thought his dad had an affair. I know understand why he hated him so much in the beginning. When Andy told Ephram about not him having an affair but Julia he was kind of shocked. His reaction totally told about it. His mother has always been everything for him (as we got to see during the flashbacks) and now she should have been the bad one? That must be hard.
When Ephram in the end went to see Andy in his office and excused for what he's said and done my heart jumped in my chest. I never expected him to do so. I really thought he wouldn't believe Andy but he did. I loved this last scene as I did with the scene in the kitchen when Andy told Ephram.

There we got the first episode which gave us a hint on how not healthy Colin is. I so can't understand his parents by not wanting Andy anymore! They made a big mistake here as we all know! They are his parents and I would take everything serious a really famous Dr. tells me and a really famous Dr. who saved my son is worried about.

Same about Colin. Amy is affraid and she only wanted to be sure nothing is wrong with him. He didn't talk to her about the sickness but she's his girlfriend. What was she supposed to think or to do? Colin has been an ass here!

Another scene I loved was the one between Ephram and Delia in the kitchen. How Ephram described to her that it is something really special when she thinks of her mother was great. I wish I would have had such a great brother.
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