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Season 4, Episode 08: The Toilet Bowl
Season 4, Episode 09: The Lights in Carroll Park
Season 4, Episode 10: I Can't
Season 4, Episode 11: Injury List
Season 4, Episode 12: Laboring
Season 4, Episode 13: Thanksgiving

IS JULIE LEANING IN?! i think she is. GRRRR! although, the ep is called i can't, so maybe it's bs! and is it just me or is that matt barr? also, i can't believe the skankster kisses tim AGAIN! and he shows her his land? tim, why?! WHY?!

on the plus side, lol @ buddy and coach watching what i think is tv together. also landry/jess with her brothers! that deserves an AWWZ for sure! <3
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