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Mary McDonnell/Laura Roslin #9: The Presidential Goddess

made by pandora13

Biography and More

"She is just so present, and lovely, and beautiful, and she just looks right into your eyes and down into your soul. It’s a little disconcerting at first, but she’s an absolute gem." ~ Aaron Douglas

"I got to see Mary shoot some stuff that you'll see later this season. She was just so raw, so layered, so nuanced in going places. It was just amazing. I could totally see why she's a f-ing Academy Award nominee." ~ Tahmoh Pennikett

“Mary… she’s notorious for getting us going in laughter, and then once she starts to laugh, you can’t stop her. So, you know, we’ve shut down production for three hours… it’s a long time… it’s a lot of money… and nobody’s laughing except Mary.” ~ Edward James Olmos

“I have never worked with someone more engaged, engaging, looking through your eyes, deep into your soul, more prepared, more caring, loving...I just felt like I was in a mother's embrace all day was the most spectacular moment in my acting career. She is an absolute angel on earth and I will take that memory from the show for the rest of my life.” ~ Aaron Douglas on working with Mary McDonnell

made by Brilliant Disguise

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“Mary McDonnell’s a giant.” ~ Edward James Olmos

=made by pandora13

"I Love That Woman On and Off Screen" ~ Edward James Olmos

"When I grow up, I want to be Mary." ~ Katee Sackhoff

Reasons Why We Love Her
1. Because she is made of awesomeness
2. Because if she was running for President, we would vote for her
3. Because we are glued to the television to watch her
4. The Hair, enough said
5. Because She's Our Lady In Red
6. Because we will follow her wherever she goes
7. Because she is a battler
8. Because she's a fierce lady
9. Because you wouldn't want to cross her
10. Because Mary just owns the screen
11. One Sexy Woman
12. Because Mary amazes us
13. Because we love the way she laughs

"It is a crime that Mary McDonnell has not been nominated for an Emmy." ~ Ronald D. Moore

"She's a Goddess, by the way." ~ Michelle Forbes

"I'm interested in how we've been separated from our spirituality as women, which is a place of power for the feminine."

"I can't wait to see what other actors are going to do. I can't wait to be affected by them and to feel what they're going to make me feel."

"I think Roslin is on the cutting edge of female characters who are learning how to handle power."

"I'm the kind of person you want to be in an earthquake with."

made by chasin the wind

Future Titles
Because She Makes Us *thud* Everytime
Because She is One Bad Ass Cop
She looks beautiful and naughty at the same time
Because she is our only President!
Because MM always kicks it out of the park with her roles
Totally Mary and totally hawt
Mary is picture perfection
Mary is frakkin' awesome
Mary sets our world alight

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