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She had a surprising amount of screentime considering it was one episode and a series finale. When I heard she was gonna be on the ER series finale, I figured she'd only get about 2 seconds of screentime because they'd be focusing on all the other regular cast members since it's their last episode. Glad I was wrong!

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Sometimes I like the storylines but I can't take the gross stuff. I get sick from the sight of blood.
Blood doesn't really bother me too much but some of the other graphic stuff does sometimes so it is kinda hard to get into those kinda shows. Even the Alexis scenes we did get were pretty graphic.

My main reason though for not really being able to get into those kinda shows is that they just aren't visually appealing enough for me. I know it's kinda shallow but I'm an art maker so I need to have really pretty shows with nice colors and camera work and stuff and hospital shows just don't really have that kinda stuff. It's shallow and I don't entirely base my opinion of a show on that but it is a big thing I look for. Another thing is that I don't really understand all that hospital jargon so it's hard to understand whats going on.

I would have accepted it though if Alexis had had a bigger longer role.
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