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The Bright/Colin tragic crash.. Who exactly is to blame?

I have seen this topic on other boards from time to time, and I thought it would be fun to explore this topic here and get some thoughts on just what went wrong that day.. Was it just all about fate? Destiny? It was "meant to be" that Colin/Bright got into that truck, and Colin ultimately met his death several months later due to his severe brain injury? Do you just chalk it up to that and place little or no blame on any of the people involved? Or, is there blame to be given out? Is it Colin's fault for bringing the booze, offering it to Bright, deciding it would be fun to take the truck for a spin, and also come to the decision of doing some racing with some other guys? Was it Bright's fault that the crash occurred because he went behind the wheel, even though Colin wanted him to, and then, BAM, the crash happened? Should Bright have been charged with vehicular manslaughter or some other criminal charge? How much do you even think Colin/Bright had to drink that day? Were they drunk? Just buzzed? Was it the Hart's fault as it was stated that Mrs. Hart pretty much knew Colin was drinking (if my memory serves me) and she should have never allowed Colin to go out in the first place? Is there any blame to place on Amy as she was clearly aware that Colin/Bright had been drinking as she watched them leave in the truck? Or, is there a combination of blame to be passed around to everyone involved? Or, again, should this be chalked up to "destiny" and the blame can go away because it shouldn't really go to anyone in particular?

I will leave my comments on the subject out for now, because I already posted a big enough intro to this topic discussion, and I will post later on once this discussion gets under way..

So, what does everyone think? Lets really dive into this topic. I think it's an interesting one that can very much be explored.
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