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Hey guys! Sectionals is THE Best. Episode. Ever. Well, this AND the pilot.

I loved how Cory made that confrontation scene so real. He delivered tonight. "Don't Rain On My Parade" was just SURREAL! God, Lea HAS lungs! Damn! LOL

Okay, about Finn and Rachel. Personally, they're like Ross and Rachel. Are they or aren't they? In between seasons, they're either liking each other or hating each other. Come big finale, writers pull the big guns, just like how the Glee club relies on them as leads (Don't Stop Believing in the Pilot. Remember, there were only 6 then. Finn and Rachel - CHEMISTRY WAS REAL. How about tonight during YCALGWYW? - Google it everybody, critics call these performances their favorites. I wonder why. Hmmm...).

I guess the message is on the songs they sing: No kiss or hug (DAMN IT!) tonight but you know what "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Are Finn and Rachel going to end up together? "Don't Stop Believing," kids...Long before PR KF (lol) AT WE KE...there was one couple that in its epicness back in May was one of the reasons that drove Glee to what it is today...FINN and RACHEL.

I can't even say "I hope there's more of FR." I just freaking KNOW there'd be more, tons and tons of FR. I respect other shippers, they probably see in others what we see between Finn and Rachel but really, seriously, deep, deep down somewhere in our right er...left hearts (other shippers included...wink-wink), we know FR started the epicness. Seriously. Rad. To. Be. An. FR. Shipper.

Oh yeah, LC, too but that's reserved for hiatus mode. LOL!

Sorry, long post. Ciao!
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