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Oh, you didn't have to say that much about this episode... But back on it again!

First of all... Ephram told Amy that she hurt him when she said what she said the episode before and he really exactly told her that this also caused him to think about leaving. The scene on the porch of the Brown't house was great! When Amy said something like 'Everwood has great snow' I waited for her to say 'I am in Everwood' but on the other side I'm glad she didn't because I'm sure she knew she'd have been able to make him stay by saying something like that. Amy finally recognized that not everything is about her. Great!
And how happy she was at the end when Ephram told her he wouldn't leave! Really good Ephram/Amy moments this episode.

Finally we got some Nina again! When they went for the blankets she finally told him not to do what Ephram wants. And yeah, to be a parent doesn't mean to always be nice! She's so right.

Andy telling Ephram why he need him to stay was totally touching! And there you could see that Ephram if he wants or not loves his dad a lot. I still can't believe that Ephram thought Andy would want him to leave.

Delia was so sweet in it. And she has a crush on Bright. So cute.

I also loved Edna. She made me totally laugh, first when Delia told her she'd give a party and the second time when she arrived at the Brown's house. She's simply amazing!
And Bright being afraid of her. Cracked me up!
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