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Sophia {News/Appearences} #37 ~ Sophia had fun directing and fans loved it to, check those ratings! WOOT WOOT.

37th Sophia Bush News and Appearances Thread }


Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush talks about OTH and new s7
The Narrows - Sophia Bush and Kevin Zegers interview
The Narrows Q&A with Sophia Bush, Kevin Zegers and Vincent D'Onofrio

The Narrows (official trailer)
Table For Three

OP Fall Sophia Bush Interview
OP Fall campaign photoshoot video.

# Sophia is part of the Welcome to OP campaign
# The Narrows premiered on June 19th, dvd is coming out in November.
# Table for Three is out on dvd.

In recent interview Daphne Zuniga (Victoria) said some nice things about Sophia:

"I really love working with Sophia. First of all she's one of the smartest woman I've ever met. She's just like this beautiful, brilliant girl and we have a lot of mutual interests. Off-Screen, we're very supportive of each other, we help each other". Sometimes you get on a set and the lead actor will have a lot of work to do, a lot of different things to focus on and storylines, and then who knows what's going in real life, so it's really great when you get to work with someone who brings their focus, and they wanna play and be creative..."

Sophia talks about her new dog Penny!

“She’s another rescue pitbull,” Sophia tells me in her signature rasp. “She was a few days away from being euthanized at the pound. She’s amazing. She’s the first dog I’ve come across in all this time that I’ve been thinking about getting a dog so that Patch has a companion that really reminds me of him. They have really kindred spirits. She’s a puppy, but there’s a lot of life in her eyes. She’s a very old dog. I know that might sound strange to call a dog an old soul, but she is. She’s really special, and they’re just in love with each other, so it’s a good match.”
rest of the article

Sophia Bush calls 'action' on 'One Tree Hill'

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Hit Masquerade Ball | Austin Nichols, Sophia Bush : Just Jared

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