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here you go

Love Kalinda, and look forward to her running circles around Cary
It did make me like Kalinda and Carey a whole of a lot more
I am starting to really adore Cary: flirting with Kalinda, falling for the pic of the wife & little girl, giving Alicia a... low-five, I guess? - the opposite of a high-five in the courtroom at the beginning - and investigating even as he's all, "Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing." Especially the flirting with Kalinda, because that huge grin of his is just magnificent, and if that gets weary eyerolls from Kalinda, so much the better
I liked Cary flirting with Kalinda and that they are showing more of Cary as a person
. I'm actually looking forward to Cary's scenes now - something I never expected. I think Cary was kind of adorable in his crushing on Kalinda, too
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